Electronics and Software Division

The electronics division develops software and electronic boards for distributed data acquisition, process control and supervisory functions. Wide experience in the construction of special systems has enabled us to develop and constantly improve the data acquisition technologies and numerical processing that initially was used only on our special systems. Today we are able to provide hardware and software technologies in the form of standard products for integration into third party systems.


Products and technologies

laser thicknness gauge rear ltm1000

 LASER Thickness gauges LTM-1000

redam data acquisition dispaly

Display systems REDAM

datasink100 data acquisition graph

Data acquisition systems DATASINK

software datasink x acquisition multichannel data sensors laser statistics

Data acquisition systems DIGICHECK

pcl1208 v4 centralina embedded acquisizione dati vista anteriore low resolution

Industrial computers PCL

edac rack configurazione 3 slot data aquisition low resolution

Data acquisition modules EDAC